Submit Work

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only current students or recent graduates* from UK and Irish institutions may enter (* recent graduates are those who have graduates within the past 3 years)
  • Physical submissions must not exceed A0 in dimensions
  • Electronic submissions must not exceed 3 minutes in length, and must include only percussion/ vocals in video soundtrack
  • Submissions may be any format or kind you wish, but artwork must adhere to Islamic principles; exercise your prerogative, ask if in doubt
  • Artwork must not have been selected or awarded a prize in any other competition
  • Artwork must be your own work

We encourage submissions that are not part of the ‘typical’ Islamic arts or themes.

[Exceptional submissions which do not meet these criteria will still be considered; multiple entries allowed. If in doubt get in touch:]

Submission Criteria
Provided you are eligible please provide the following with each submission:

  • A 100 min. – 250 max. word description, including a title and the category to which the work is being submitted. Please also include your institution, subject and year of study/graduation
  • ONE electronic copy (e.g. photographs, digital or scanned copies, not exceeding 10MB in size. Videos – please note that the quality of the copy provided will be used to judge your work)

The category for each submission must be clearly stated.
Categories include:
– Textiles
– 3D
– Fine Art
– Graphics
– Video
– Photography

Selection Process
Artwork that fulfills the above criteria will be examined by our panel of judges, who will select the finalists for the Exhibition. Those selected for the Exhibition will be notified 1 week after the closing date of the competition.

How to Submit:
Please e-mail your electronic submission and a description to the following address:

For further questions about the criteria or the process please email

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