Artistic Jihad strives to deliver the best and most beneficial form of artistic engagement; inspiring and connecting Muslims throughout the United Kingdom.
We have been blessed to have on board eminent artists, and curators, who are able to recognize great talents and provide valuable input to the competition.
2011’s competition involved, internationally recognized photographer: Peter Sanders; calligraphist, Soraya Syed; ‘Visual Dhikr’ founder, Ruh Al-Alam and the prominent graffiti artist, Mohammed Ali.
This year we have a great panel of judges who will build on the successes of last year and take the new finalists to great heights.

2012 selection of judges include:

Peter Sanders

Peter Sanders, internationally recognised as one of the worlds leading photographer of the Islamic World. The photographer began his career in the mid-1960’s covering Londons’’ seminal rock and roll scene, capturing now legendary music icons in a collection that is considered a classic by collectors.

Towards the end of the 1970’s, Sanders’ attention turned inward which set him on a spiritual search that took him to India and led him in the end to the Muslim world. All the while the photographer captured his surroundings on film, creating a striking and disparate record of the last vestiges of traditional Muslim societies in transition. Sanders’ own deep commitment to and love of traditional Islamic culture has brought him into intimate contact with people and places few photographers reach.

My photography has always been an extension of my life,” he said. “Photography is a wonderful process – a gift from God – that has allowed me to learn so much about myself and the world around me. Its like chasing a moment, trying to capture a beautiful bird in flight.

Ruh al-Alam

Ruh al-Alam, born and raised in London, is more commonly known by his art project ‘Visual Dhikr’. After graduating from the acclaimed Central Saint Martin’s, in graphic design and illustration, he moved to Egypt to practice traditional Islamic/Arabic calligraphy.

Ruh’s work involves the usage of his own unique and evolving Arabic scripts, with a strong graphic design and typographic influence, but works in many different mediums including digital media, photography, paint and motion graphics. He was most notably commissioned by Sony Entertainment Europe, Sony BMG for ‘Outlandish’ and Tamani Hotels (Dubai) in recent years. His work is also featured in ‘Arabesque’ published by Die Gestalten Verlag.

Ruh has exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad and has a Visual Dhikr brand line in clothing, accessories and home decor. Ruh resides in London where he also runs a commercial design studio.

Abid Hussain
Relationship Manager, Diversity in Arts Practice, Arts Council England

Abid Hussain is a Relationship Manager specialising in Diversity working at Arts Council England, the national development agency for the arts. He has jointly led on the development of the internationally acclaimed Arts and Islam programme delivering seminars, workshops, critical debates and artistic interventions across the United States, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and most recently South Africa as part of the National Arts Festival working in partnership with Rhodes University and the Diocese of Grahamstown.

Abid has also worked in an advisory role for the British Council and the Institute for Community Cohesion. He is currently sits on the West Midlands strategic leadership group for the Mosaic Network a mentoring programme for young Muslims established by HRH Prince Charles and recently joined Wisdom Project Advisory Group for Eton College.


    More Judges To Be Confirmed

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